What we do......
Here at Psycho Bros we build, modify, rework, and Upgrade your ride.

Not only will you be satisfied with our service, so will your ole Lady, She will feel the difference in your bike when she is sitting behind you as you roll, Hell she may even kick your ass off it and leave you in the dust wishing you was on both your rides again.

Mission Statment:
Our Main Mission is to make you the Customer excited as hell to be riding their rig anytime of the year. Wait a minute no we will not make you an umbrella for the ole lady, or buy you a set of heated clothing, we cant control the way you ride or if an umbrella will with stand the wind at your speed of riding. but we will make you proud to show your goods in public, Just ask Heidi when shes not hanging on to her ape hangers in the rain.

Testimonials Coming Soon.

Parts and more Coming soon.
you want parts you got it stay tuned to Psycho Bros for a listing of selected parts and products for you and your ride.

Damn Dude heres a reserved section again.
why do we reserve sections on our web page? well when your Webmaster is searching the gabbage cans for food and money for his ride we are waiting on him to get his stuff together.

Did we make a good choice in Web Designers You let us know.
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